The two week ITT program

Congratulations on completing India’s first Social Distanced Time Trial and we have Naveen John to thank for it.

You need to know that this race was just chapter 1 and there are no real winners in this race. If you want this attempt of yours to account for anything among the others that raced on Saturday, then you need to come back on the 29th of August and beat your current finish timing. And the rider who has the largest gap in his/ her own timing between these two attempts is going to be the winner!

I have put together a 15 day coaching program to help you along in this process, this involves bodyweight exercises, interval training on your bicycle and a few nutrition tips that I will personally be following too. All you need is an hour’s time, a bike to ride on, a way to measure what distance you rode for (strava will do) and a smartphone app that lets you set interval timers. What you don’t need to follow this program is a heart rate monitor, an indoor trainer, cadence sensors and heavy gym equipment because this program is designed specifically for riders who do not yet have access to such things but have a burning desire to race. The Merckx style race bridged this gap at the participation level and the 15 day program is bridging this gap at the preparation level. I do however want your commitment and an hour’s time on all workout days.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work already.

Fill the form, wait for the application approval email, make the payment, schedule your workout time and let’s smash that Personal Best and have a magical time trying to achieve it.

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