The Program

There have been many people asking me about how tough the program is going to be and what it has and what it does not have.

Let me clarify. It does not have the need for a heart rate monitor, indoor trainer, cadence sensor, power meter or heavy weights. If you have time to go for a ride outside and one single hour everyday for 6 days continuously to workout, then you are sorted and can sign up for the program. Having resistance bands are a bonus and by no means a prerequisite.

All exercises will be share via YouTube videos so you can go back to them, pause and play a hundred time. (None of this zoom call bull) You can even reach out to me over whatsapp or email or phone call.

You set the dates of the workout, not me. Here is a schedule to be followed, you pick the dates. Just be sure that you do not conclude the program less than 2-3 days to spare for the final race.

The workout and exercise list will be shared through a private YouTube video in your email.

I know that there will still be riders who will have questions. Mostly fear of the unknown. That’s why I’m going to upload the warm up and cool down videos and make them public for everyone to follow along and then decide if the intensity and type of workouts work for you or not.

So sign up here and get on the program already. Days are slipping away.

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