Bike maintenance

Full Moon Laboratory is a home – based operation and offers highly customized maintenance packages for your bicycle.

You are billed labour on an hourly basis and parts are billed on actuals.

Labour is calculated in two slots;
1) Tune ups
2) Overhauls

A tune up is where almost none of the parts are disassembled, the bike is given a rinse, de-greased at the drivetrain, all the bolts are torqued down, brakes and gears are tuned, chain is checked for wear, inner cables are lubed where required, disc brake calipers are re-aligned and the all essential chain lubrication is carried out. This service is priced at Rs. 200/- per hour.

An overhaul is where all or some parts of the bicycle are disassembled, cleaned and put back together. In addition to everything that is done in a tune up, all parts of the bike that house bearings are accessed and the bearing are de-greased and re-greased. The parts that house bearings are wheel hubs, headsets and bottom brackets. These can be overhauled in parts as per requirement or as a whole in a complete overhaul. This service is priced at Rs. 400/- per hour.

Tune up

Every 3-6 months or when you notice a function is not working as earlier.

Hub bearings

Good to do it once every 6-9 months or 1000kms.

Other bearings

Recommended atleast once a year irrespective of usage. Even more so if riding trails.

The Lab hates most colors that bikes come in and knows that you do too. You don’t have to suffer in silence anymore.