Cycling Club

As an outreach program towards the community of cyclists in Bangalore, Full Moon Laboratory hosts a cycling club called Mooners with the motto being a simple battle cry, #rideyo !

This cycling club caters to beginner riders and guides them as they progress on their journey to achieve greater things on a bicycle.

The club is multi – disciplinary and its crowned jewel is the monthly first Saturday ride to the top of Nandi hills.

For those wondering why the club and it’s members are called Mooners, here’s your answer. Browse through the upcoming rides below and click for more details or to join.

Upcoming Weekend Rides

March Calendar

Upcoming Tours

FlowTouring – Kalasa Edition

Here’s to a life altering summer.


Ride to the top of a hill that’s only been ridden by cyclists doing this tour.

Experience the adrenaline rush of downhill mountain biking.

Ride through tea gardens by river banks.

Soak in the virgin waters of the birthplace of river Netravathi.

All under the guidance of yours truly, #staraniSh

This MTB adventure is to initiate beginners into more extreme experiences and is fully supported from blr-blr. MTB also available on rent.

Top of the Nandi to You – The #mooners flagship ride now on a weekday

You should have completed at least 2 x 100kms ride in the 15 days prior to this ride. (This is a special condition added for summer rides)

What are the few preparations that you can do to complete this ride comfortably?

Read this article to help you out.

This ride to the top of Nandi is for beginners and first timers, you will get a whole lot of tips and guidance on finishing the climb.

Check one off the bucket list. A bunch of riders brave the heat, dryness and the silly climb that is Nandi hills! You can be part of this bunch and learn what not to do wrong in the heat, dryness and the silly climb of Nandi hills.

This is a self supported ride. But you will have a few like minded and like paced riders so you won’t be left behind unless you want to.

Meeting point
Esteem Mall 0530hrs

GKVK 0545hrs

Decathlon Anubhava 0630hrs

Nandi Upachar 0800hrs

Bike (duh)
Helmet (double duh)
Hydration (no empty bottle cages allowed)
Cash for three meals (although you will only be having 2 big ones)
Spare tubes (we can share pumps)
ID card (awkward photo not mandatory)
Sunscreen (coconut oil could do)
Sunglasses (sorry if you’re blind without eyeglasses, like me)
Willpower (preferably harnessed from the rain dance done to honor your respective dead ancestors)

Call or whatsapp +91 97415 77884 for details

Flow Riding – A Beginner’s Guide to Mountain Biking
Once on the last Sunday of every month, only 6 riders per session.

Click here for more details on the #FlowRiding workshop

Previous rides


There is a simplicity and welcome discomfort in touring or travelling on a bicycle. aniSh has ridden through Spiti and Ladakh on a 12 year old steel Hercules bike alone and knows all about bike packing and that too on a budget.

For those with an inclination to attain ultimate freedom on a bicycle, aniSh conducts bike-packing rides too. These are usually on the long weekends and are at least one night long and include a few workshops on packing, cooking, setting up camp, bike maintenance among others like astronomy and orienteering without GPS.

Bikepacking basics Se04Ep01 – Watching the Geminid Meteor Shower (*expired)
Limited entry bikepacking trip.

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