#MtbLuruCup2022 – No categories, only dopeload of points

First of its kind MTB league racing in India.

09 Races – Second Sunday of every month

03 Unique Race formats – Points for winning, points for racing

02 Winners at the end of the season – 1 Dude, 1 Dudette

Race Dates

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Rs. 100/- per race. Spot registrations. UPI / CASH !

Standings after Sooper Khujli 2 (the one where second place winners got 2 million points and winners got 1 million)

Photographs from February’s Two Lane Gravel Top drag race can be downloaded here

Photographs from March’s Sooper Khujli race

Shot by Bhargav Settyhere

Shot by Nikhil Dashere

Photographs from April’s Outlaw Silly race Shot by Bhargav Settyhere

Click here for Photographs from July’s Sooper Khujli -2 shot by Bhargav Setty

Race formats

01- Two lane gravel top – Uphill dirt drag (5000 points per win, 1500 participation points per race)

Two racers will start side by side and race up a hill in a classic drag style. First racer to cross the finish line wins. This format will test XC climbing skills and put in to effect proper sprint muscles and techniques. This format is also what has most points just for racing. Racers can compete in as many heats as they’d like as far as there are opponents ready to race them. (each heat raced = 1500points) Pairings of competitors is completely random unless riders challenge each other.

02- Sooper Khujli – 10 laps endurance race, first one to finish final lap wins (10000 points per win, 1000 participation points per race *Bonus : 5000 points for leaders of laps 1-9) WE TOOK OUT THE LAP LEAD POINTS IN EXCHANGE FOR 1 MILLION POINTS FOR THE LEADER OF THE 6th LAP FOR MARCH RACE.

All racers will race the same designated course for 10 laps. The first racer to finish the last lap is the ultimate winner. This will test the racers Endurance strength and also ability to plan and execute racing strategy. This format has the highest amount of points for the winner and will help racers climb the overall ranking chart quite fast. Only winner gets the 10000 points (Men and Women) Everyone else only gets 1000 participation points. Every lap’s leader will get a bonus of 5000 points per lap. Essentially if you lead all 10 laps, you win the race and get a total of 5000X9+10000 = 55000 points.

03- Outlaw Silly – Surprise no. of laps. Rider(s) eliminated at every lap. Last rider standing wins. PS: head / tail elimination possible. (8000 points per win, 800 participation points per race)

Number of laps will be decided based on number of racer on race day. Last racer to finish each lap is eliminated from the race. Last racer standing is the winner of the race and will be awarded the 8000 points + 800 participation points. Second place will get 7000 + 800, third place gets 6000+800. Everybody else only gets 800 participation points. Racers will be paired as team of 2 if there are more than 20 racers and each of the two racers get all the winning position points.
If the total number of racers exceed or out of sheer cheap thrills, the organizers can decide to eliminate the leads of the first 3 laps for the top 3 positions. Such a decision will be informed on race day before the race starts.

All race formats points are scored individually for Dudes and Dudettes.

Race start – 0700hrs

Race Location – Avalahalli State Forest. Meet at the main gate and head to start points from here.

Contact – staraniSh 971577884 to Race.

Terms and conditions

*The first rule of MTB ‘Luru Cup is that you talk about the MTB ‘Luru Cup! – Shitpost every single picture / video you click and tag EVERYONE!
*You are responsible for your own safety.
*If you fall and hurt yourself, go cry to your mommy about the booboo, the organizers don’t get blamed for this and won’t take any responsibility for this.
*There is no start line support, deal with your own mechanicals.
*There is no ambulance, there will be first aid
*The points you earn cannot be redeemed for anything. They are what decide you standings at the end of the season. They are definitely a lot of bragging rights!
*We will be racing in incognito mode at Avalahalli, please respect the rules of the trail and other trail users.
*Please be on time.
*No pay, no race, no points.
*There are no participation medals.
*There are no refreshments.
*Race standings will be updated on the website after each race and will be publicly available for you to talk smack about other racers.
*The decision of the race organizer / director is final and shall not be contested.
*Rules and formats don’t really need to change for any reason, but if they have to be changed, they can be changed without prior notice.