Kit list for cycling tours

Edges of India – High altitude, semi supported

Riding gear

Padded shorts
Minimum 2 nos, inner shorts style, bibless with Gel or Foam padding

Cycling Jersey – 1

Cotton / Nylon Cargo shorts -2 nos

Full sleeve flannel / hiking shirt -2nos

Cotton / Nylon Cargo pants -1nos

Warm layer (only for the early morning starts, not for bed time)
Fleece jacket / Cycling winter jacket / Rain coat with warm layer

Socks – 2 pairs
Hiking socks, high ankle length (cotton or merino wool)

Buff or Shemagh scarf

Hiking shoes with rubber sole. Worn in and shoe bite proofed. Low or mid ankle length.

Cat 3 and above lens, polarized or regular and adjusted to your eye power if applicable

MTB glove
Full finger with added padding at palm.

Proper fit and comfortable helmet with / without peak.

Spare: Dry fit t-shirts 2nos

Bonus : Arm sleeves and leg sleeves for back up on less technical ride days.

Note: All outer layer bottom wears should be one size larger and wear belt at the hip to let your legs move freely.

Bed time gear

Thermal inners / base layer, upper and lower x 1 pair, full sleeved and regular sized

Pajamas – 2 pairs of uppers and lowers to be worn over base layer, full sleeve and full length. Eg : track pants, and full sleeve t-shirts.

Warm layer – Can use the fleece jacket from the riding kit paired with the thermals and pajamas or carry an additional down jacket if you’re someone who feels particularly cold.

Winter socks – Insulation provider socks. 1 pair
Sample :

Ski hat – Woolen, 1nos

Sleeping bag – Not mandatory, only recommended for hygiene reasons of using shared beds and if you are extra prone to feeling cold. Having one will come in handy for star gazing in the night.
Sample :

Slippers or other appropriate footwear for indoors and bathroom usage.

Underwear – As needed.

Riding spares

Appropriate sized tube x 3nos

Puncture patch kit

Quick link for your specific bike chain x 1nos

Spare chain (optional)

Head and tail lamp for the early mornings. Ensure that Head lamp is 100 lumen or higher.

Your preferred bike lube

Compact pump to fix punctures in the absence of support van.

2 water bottles on bottle cages mounted on bike frame

Other accessories

Personal medication and toileteries

Head torch

Day pack backpack to carry spares, snacks, hydration bladder (if using) OR appropriate frame bags to carry the said items.

1 photocopy of personal Identification to be carried on person at all times.

Original Aadhar card to be carried in luggage (Passport for foreign nationals)

1 litre bottle to be filled and placed in rucksack / luggage that will travel in the support van

Personal Towel

Appropriate Charger for all your devices

Passport and stamp size photos (5 each)

Pocket knife (optional)

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