FlowTouring – MTB and “gravel” tours

Because a mountain bike takes you to great sights and not just on big miles

Dates: Dec 02, -Dec 05, 2021

Location : Kalasa, Chikmagalur

Eligibility : 18 and above (Call 9741577884 for special relaxations)

Difficulty : Skilled beginners to Amateur mountain bikers (road bikes not allowed, hybrids may need some added persusion on foot)

Total cost : Rs. 11999/- all inclusive

The Plan

Dec 02, 2021

We load up our bikes and ourselves into transports late evening and drive out to Kalasa from Bangalore.

Dec 03, 2021

Arrive at Homebase, Kalasa and freshen up.

sexy bridge near Homebase

Unload bikes, check bikes and depart Homebase after breakfast and head to Khyatanamakki.


Khyatanamakki is hill top situated about about 25kms from Homebase with an elevation gain of about half a kilometer.

We start riding on pristine tarmac for about 12kms and then start meeting broken tarmac climbs and finally reach the base from where the terrain is purely off road and usually requires a 4×4 jeep.

Since your host #staraniSh is the first person to climb this hill on a bicycle, he has arranged with the forest department for more cyclists to explore this route on a bicycle.

These videos shows what the last few kilometers to the top is like.

If this feels like it’s too sketchy for you, we do have a 4×4 jeep and trained driver available at the base of the hills where you can swap out your MTB and load up into the Jeep.

The top of Kyatanamakki feels like this.

-We return to Kyatanamakki base for lunch. The trail back is demanding and will require a fair amount of downhill skills. And I promise you that it is totally worth riding down. No trail in and around Bangalore offers this kind of terrain. I even urge riders to choose certain sections and try riding it down a few times, just so you get your skills and techniques dialed in and you can get faster each time.

Based on rider morale and strength, we will either head back to Homebase or continue on towards Kalasa to locate a hidden waterfall and chill out for evening at the falls.

We return to Homebase before dark, sit by the campfire and revel in the glory of what we have achieved.

Eat yummy dinner to our heart’s content and hit the bed.

Dec 04, 2021

Rise and shine at 0600hrs. Enjoy Coffee and Breakfast.

Ride to Elaneeru waterfalls and return to Homebase after lunch.

The distance today is about 40kms total and there will of course be some climbing, but not as much as yesterday. It is mostly rolling terrain through tea estates and along the river Bhadra towards Kudremukh.

The last 6 kms is where it gets technical. Fast descend over concrete + unpaved roads on easily 15%+ grades down in to the waterfalls and then the climb back up. Trust me, we will end up pushing our bikes.

Reach Homebase post lunch enroute.

Stow away our bikes and take the kayaks out in to the Bhadra river from some white water rafting. This is our strategy to help wash off all the mud from our Lycra.

Freshen up and pack our bags over unlimited coffees and inside jokes from two days of riding in terrains that your mountain bike was designed and built for.

Eat dinner at homebase, bid farewell to our wonderful support team at Homebase and board our transport.

Embark on a journey home.

Dec 05, 2021

Arrive in Bangalore a little after the crack of dawn.

What’s included?

Safe transport for you and your bicycle from Bangalore to Kalasa and back. This transport van will also be our support van as we traverse the trails in Kalasa. However, this van cannot be driven to Kyatanamakki and a separate specialty 4×4 Jeep is arranged for to support us on that leg of the adventure.

All meals except dinner on Dec 02 and breakfast on Dec 05.

Stay and accommodation at Homebase in Kalasa.

MTB Guide

Route Guide

Bike technician for on road repairs

Forest permits where applicable

First Aid

Kayaking and river rafting at Homebase

Unlimited Coffee while at Homebase

A shit ton of memories and first time achievements to take home.

The possibility of setting a first time KOM, if you can get strava to work.

Your guide #staraniSh has gone up these routes far too many times for you to get the Local Legend on strava, but then he doesn’t always records his rides. So that’s up for grabs too.

The discovery that mountain bikes are capable doing much more that they can indeed take you to great sights.

What’s not included?

Travel and accident insurance

Personal medications.

Permissible amounts of alcohol.

Spares for your bicycle.

Refunds or transfers.

Transport to and from common pick and drop points.

Tax on the amount of fun and adventure you are going to have.