Flow Riding – A Beginner’s Guide to Mountain Biking

Fear stops us from doing many things that we’d want to.
A surefire way to eliminate fear is to gain knowledge over what scares you and why.
You then repeat the acquired knowledge till you do the activity you were scared of till it becomes habitual, like the way water is habituated to flow. And hence the birth of the Flow Riding workshop.

Mountain biking lets you ride over obstacles.
The Flow riding workshop teaches you to do that easily on the trail or in traffic.

After being on a bicycle and pulling off things like long distance touring and amateur time trial racing for over 11 years, I have learnt one thing to be the most essential, bike control. And nothing teaches you bike control like mountain biking.

I have put together a little course on the absolute basics of mountain biking to help you improve your bike control whether on the trail or off it and also the things to check for on your bike that will maximize bike control.

Convinced already? Sign up for the current workshop now. Read on if you want me to make a stronger case. 

Who is the Flow Riding workshop for?
It is for riders above the age of 14.
It is for riders who want to start mountain biking but are too afraid to.
It is for commuters who feel cornered in traffic.
It is for riders who want to have fun on the trail and not dismount frequently.
It is for riders who feel they need to be a lot more confident while on the bike.
It is for riders who feel that something is missing from their bike rides and cannot really pin down what it is.
It is for riders with any kind of bike. (see FAQ below for specs)

Do you provide bicycle?
No, but you can rent one from Icycle or any other rental platform.

What kind of a bicycle can I bring to the workshop?
The trail path that will be covered in the Flow Riding workshop is moderate and can be ridden by any MTB or hybrid bikes with or without suspension. If you own a road bike, some parts can get tricky and yet I recommend a road bike with tires wider than 35c. The skills you learn can be later adapted to any bike or riding style.

Should I wear protective gear?
A helmet is mandatory and a glove is suggested. Additional protective gear is at your discretion.

What should I bring?
Let’s start by clarifying, please don’t bring covid19 infection. The group is restricted to 6 riders to curb its spread. Bring your bicycle in top functioning order, a spare tube and repair kit, at least one full water bottle, light snacks and wear your mask. Wear your cycling specific attire and light rain jacket will help keep you kind of clean from the slush. Please wear shoes.

I don’t know how to fix flats on my bike, Is that cool?
No, its not cool. It’s a valuable skill to be able to patch a tube or change one. But, in the event that you do get a flat or any other minor mechanical failure, #staranish will take care of it for you as long as you carry the right size tube for your bike. (The right tube size is mentioned on the side wall of the tire. It will have 2 measurement, one is the diameter of the wheel and the other is the width of the tube. Tubes are always made to fit a range of tire sizes. You also need to keep in mind the valve type that fits your bike’s rim when you buy a spare tube. There, you are already half way to fixing your flats now.)

What time does the workshop start?
The workshop starts at 0700hrs and will wrap up by 0900hrs.

Will I learn to do jumps?
No. I consider that a more advanced skill. But you will be taught different methods of how not to fall.

Will I learn tricks like wheelie and manuals?
No. I consider those as more advanced skills. But you will be taught principles of a basic bunny hop. And that’s kinda rad too.

How do I get to Avalahalli State Forest AKA Jarakabande Kawal Tree/Butterfly Park)?
Here is the location. You can choose to ride there and back or transport your bikes to the forest in your cars. The forest gets busy on the weekends, so please get there early to find your parking spots.


What about my safety in the forest?
The forest poses no imminent threat of wildlife and in that sense is very safe. However, #staranish is certified in fire and rescue and first aid. So you are in safe hands.

***Covid19 Guidelines***

The workshop has limited participants to curb infections. But please be responsible and refrain from participating if you have symptoms or have been advised quarantine. You will be required to wear your masks until we enter deeper in the forest, because by then we will be riding our bikes at considerable distance from each other. You are free to wear your mask even then if you feel the need for it. You will be required to sign a liability waiver and need to show that you are safe on the Arogya Sethu App.

Tickets priced at Rs. 499/- per rider. Max 6 riders per month. Please fill out the appropriate form below to register. You will get email confirming your participation and payment details.

Register for the April 2021 edition (25-04-2021) *CURRENT

Register for the May 2021 edition (25-04-2021) *Upcoming


  1. Hardik Vinchhi

    Every rider who has no idea of MTB Flow riding should attend this workshop. All the sessions are covered with thorough information and practice runs.. After attending this workshop i am moving easily in banglore traffic and also got lot of confidence for trail riding.

  2. Superb experience learning with Anish in the midst of nature. Got good practice runs and the regular feedback technical moves, body posture and navigating terrain was extremely helpful. Must experience this workshop!! Thanks Anish.

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