Buns of Steel – Original Artwork, Limited Edition T-shirt.

All inclusive pre launch offer price of Rs. 600/- till April 20th

The story

One night, I dreamt about a magical bum. The next morning I sat thinking about how the human bum is ogled at for its shape, size and proportions equally by both sexes. And that’s when I started making drawing of the Buns of Steel. Cycling has a huge effect on how your buns’ appeal can start climbing up.

After creating this comical whimsical drawing, I decided to turn it into an original artwork for a limited edition t-shirt design. To appreciate the results of all the efforts you put in as a cyclist and fitness enthusiast.

With only 50 pieces available, I knew that each one would be a unique and special piece of wearable art and that’s why all 50 of them come numbered like artist prints.

Using my favorite method of screen printing, the intricate details of my drawing were brought to life on the fabric. The end result was a striking design that was sure to turn heads and spark conversation.

I was thrilled to see the positive response to my artwork, and it was gratifying to know that people appreciated my creativity and originality. The limited edition t-shirts have appeared on the Buns of Steel all women team and has been awarded to winners of club races.

The Buns of Steel Tee launches on 20th April, 2023 and you can grab it before that at a special price of only Rs. 600/- including shipping across Bangalore as against the retail price of Rs. 999/- Place your pre-launch order now.

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