I want the answer to two questions –
1) How important are social interactions to mental well- being?
2) Can bicycles do what cars can?

It is a pleasure for me to introduce you to my dream, India’s first 24hour relay cycle race, the 
24H Grind Prix – Velo Edition.  (my attempt at answering the above questions)

This race is being held at St. Pauls College, Nagasandra on 8 & 9th May, 2021

The Grind Prix is aimed at creating awareness and to progress two causes. First, that human beings are social creatures and that lockdowns have shown us how dangerous it can be to ignore our social and bonding skills. Making this race a team effort creates opportunities for the racers to create new friendships and to practice team building and management skills.

Second and my personal favourite is that cycles can do anything that cars can. The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the inspiration to create the Grind Prix and we want to show people with the success of this race format in India that cycles are not too different from cars. 

With these two goals in mind, Full Moon Laboratory is setting up the ultimate platform to answer the question of – Is the mind stronger than the body?

By hosting the race in the private compound of St. Paul’s College, we aim to remove one of the biggest problems of cycle races in India, spectatorship or lack thereof. We want more people to watch what goes in a cycle race and appreciate the sport and for that exact reason, we are arranging a flea market and food trucks in the parking area making this race a great opportunity for Lifestyle and fitness brands to showcase their offerings and connect with their newest customers.  

Write to fullmoonlaboratorybangalore@gmail.com to sign your team up.


Is it a team event?
Yes it is.

How many members in a team?
Total 8 members. It is mandatory to have at least one of your racers to be a woman

How does a team secure a victory?
The team that has the maximum complete laps wins the race.

Do we all have to use the same bicycle?
No, each team member can use a separate bicycle. Each team bicycle will carry a team bib number.

What kind of bicycles are good for this race?
The terrain is mixed and any bike really can be used to race here. Your team can have a mix of bikes too. All bikes need to be fully functional to adhere to standard safety guidelines

Do all 8 members have to race?
Yes, all 8 team members have to ride the 10 lap minimum. Post that the stronger riders can blaze the course and the slow riders can remain as back up.

Where is the race being held?
At ST. PAULS COLLEGE, near Nagasandra, Bangalore.

When is the race happening?
On 8th and 9th of May, 2021.

When will the race start
The 6hr and 12hr race will start on the morning of 8th May, 2021
The 24hr race will start in the noon of 8th May, 2021 and finish in the noon of 9th May, 2021

How long is the course?
The course is a circuit of 700m.

What kind of a course is it?
The course is a mix of flattened mud, mild gravel, rock slabs, interlock footpath. Ideal for any kind of bicycle.

*What is the entry fee?*
Rs. 2400/- per rider for the 24hour format. (Total team entry Rs. 19200/-)
Rs. 1200/- per rider for the 12hour format. (Total team entry Rs. 9600/-)
Rs. 600/- per rider for the 06hour format. (Total team entry Rs. 4800/-)

How many laps will a team do?
That’s what we’re going to find out.

Is there a holding area for the reserve team members?
Yes, there is a holding area for reserve team members and their gear with food and water.

When can a team member switch?
Any team member can switch after completing a minimum of 10 laps or if he/she faces a mechanical issue by riding into the pit area.

How fast is the switch possible?
That really depends on your team work, but we have designed the course in such a way that the race track loops around the pit area. So just pick the exit lane, switch team members and get back on the track.

How many times can my team switch team members?
As many times as you’d like. As long as a single team member completes the minimum 10 lap requirement before switching.

Is there a prize money?
There definitely should be, we are working on announcing the official amounts for the winning teams in all categories.

What is the age limitations of the team members?
A minimum of 18 and maximum of 55 years.

What should my team carry?
While we will have a neutral mech area, each team and each team member should carry their own spares and wearable gear.

What facilities will my team get?
Food, nutrition and hydration is taken care of by the host. There will be clean washroom, (portable and permanent) along the race track

How do I take a pee break?
You complete your minimum 10 laps, ride into the pit, tag a team mate, go relieve yourself in the holding area, wait till your tagged rider finishes the minimum 10 laps for you to get tagged again or wait till the current rider needs a break.

Is there an easier category?
Yes, there’s a 12 hour edition and a 6 hour edition too.

Can we just sign up for fun?
Yes, it can be a great way to build morale and communications among your team of friends, co-workers or even random strangers.